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'Little Lodge Childcare'

Company Message


In keeping with Ofsted legislation I have various policies in place.

A welcome pack is sent to parents upon application. The following policies are available upon request. For copies of these please use the contact form and provide an email address.‚Äč

  1. Development through Learning and Play
  2. Safeguarding
  3. Information & Records - Confidentiality & Data Protection
  4. Premises & Security
  5. Outings
  6. Lost / Missing Child
  7. Equal Opportunities
  8. Medicines
  9. Accident, Injury and Illness
  10. Food and Drink
  11. Smoking/Alcohol/Other Substances
  12. Behaviour Management
  13. Safety & Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment
  14. Health and Safety
  15. Fire Safety / Emergency Evacuation
  16. Feedback / Complaints
  17. Late / Non Collection of Child Policy
  18. Partnership with parents policy
  19. Departure
  20. Asthma policy
  21. Biting policy
  22. Bullying policy
  23. Childminder Sickness Policy
  24. Dropping off and Collection
  25. Headlice
  26. Sun
  27. Car